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Our History

Neff & Associates is a full service, civil engineering firm that has been meeting the site development needs of Northern Ohio for over 80 years. Our civil engineering services, topographical survey services and landscape architecture services are unsurpassed. We are constantly expanding our area of service and expertise. Please take your time to browse the professional services that we offer.

Neff & Associates was founded in 1939 as a Cleveland area consulting, engineering and surveying firm. Since its inception, we have been providing engineering, planning and surveying services for various private, semi-private and municipal organizations. We are primarily in northern Ohio counties but we work throughout Ohio. Neff & Associates added landscape architectural design to its ongoing list of services in 1994.

Our Civil engineers, surveyors and landscape architects work together on a daily basis to complete all aspects of the project design. We believe that collaboration through all stages of a design is key to a successful project.

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Leadership Team



Daniel J. Neff, P.E. is a graduate of the University of Dayton and is a Professional Engineer licensed in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky. Mr. Neff is the President and Owner of DJ Neff Enterprises, Inc. dba Neff & Associates, a third-generation firm providing services throughout northeast Ohio in the Engineering, Surveying, Planning and Landscape Architecture fields. Mr.Neff oversees all aspects of the business and is the firm’s acting Principal Engineer. In addition, Mr. Neff has been a partner in developing residential real estate across northeast Ohio over the last 10 years, which has afforded him the opportunity to work with various government agencies as both an engineer and a developer.


Vice President

Edward L. Keaton, P.E., a graduate of Cleveland State University, brings experience in the management of all design aspects for single and multi-phase residential, public housing, municipal and industrial projects. Ed has gained expertise from these projects in the areas of sanitary sewers, pump stations, storm sewers, water distribution systems, earthworks, storm water management and storm water pollution prevention. As Vice President , Mr Keaton oversees Project Managers, numerous professional engineers, professional surveyors, technicians and support staff and is responsible for the day-to-day activities and supervision of the Engineering, Surveying and Land Planning Departments. In addition, he maintains close working relationships with clients and city/county officials enabling the design review and approval process of projects to proceed smoothly and efficiently.


Project Manager
Civil Engineering

Jeffrey M. Plautz, P.E. is a graduate of the University of Dayton and has been involved in the planning and engineering of a number of public and private projects. Such projects include large commercial retail centers, industrial parks, lifestyle centers, and restaurants as well as public water mains, sewer mains, pump station facilities, and roadway improvements. Mr. Plautz has gained particular experience dealing with big-box retailers and has developed trusted relationships with developers and owners who need help navigating their projects through the approval process. He creates quality designs that offer value to an owner while satisfying city needs and requirements.


Project Manager
Landscape Architecture

Brian M. Uhlenbrock, ASLA, PLA is a graduate of The Ohio State University and a landscape architect who manages the Planning and Landscape Architecture division of Neff & Associates. Mr. Uhlenbrock specializes in large & small scale residential and commercial site planning and landscape design which includes alternative conservation developments. He is closely involved in current NPDES permitting and implementation of Stormwater BMPs for these projects. He is also directly involved in wetland and stream disturbance applications and mitigation/restoration plans.


Survey Manager

Steven J. Metcalf, P.S., a graduate of the University of Akron, has been working in the surveying and engineering profession for 15 years, and brings his real world surveying experience to Neff & Associates. This experience includes public and private work within Ohio and Pennsylvania spanning multiple market disciplines such as energy (wind and natural gas), commercial development, residential development, public improvements, and construction. Steve has been involved in the creation numerous survey documents such as alternative energy mapping, natural gas base mapping, gas lease exhibits, GIS to AutoCAD conversions, boundary surveys, ALTA surveys, topographic surveys, easement documents, property maps, construction staking, site and county property research, office computations, office survey calculations / drafting, and preparation of legal descriptions.

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